How to Expand B2B Email Marketing Lists in 2023: 15 Methods

 Unquestionably, one of the most economical lead creation strategies for B2B companies in 2022 is email marketing. The Direct Marketing Association estimates that email marketing yields an average ROI of $1: $45. Though one of the most challenging issues marketers face is building or expanding their B2B email marketing list. We’ve managed very large lists in mass-market firms (>250,000) and small lists in niches (1,000–3,000), so it’s safe to say we’ve learned some tips to assist you expand your B2B email marketing lists. 15 various strategies to build or launch a B2B email marketing list in 2022 are outlined below.

(1) Your current clients

You most likely have a CRM, Excel document, or stack of purchase orders with all of your current clients’ email addresses someplace. The greatest place to begin is here, as you’ll get the most value for your money. These people are aware of your business or sector and, for the most part, appreciate getting emails with useful information.

I would suggest getting a CRM soon if you don’t already have one. You can maintain your current email list and provide the greatest experience for your subscribers with a CRM like Hubspot, Salesforce, or even Agile CRM.

(2) Pop-Ups On your website

Simply because a visitor to your website didn’t make a purchase doesn’t mean they are not a lead. Many things could be causing someone to visit your website. They might only be looking for information at the moment, but they could later become a lead. Asking people to subscribe to your email list using a pop-up on your website is one of the simplest soft closures you can use on them. By doing this, you can reach out to them more frequently and provide them content that is valuable to them, ensuring that when they are ready to buy, they come right to you!

Here, the user will be prompted to input their email address after clicking the subscribe button. They have now subscribed! This is yet another fantastic chance to utilize your CRM, as you may send a series of emails in an effort to turn the subscriber into a paying client.

(3) Use B2B leads generating websites/software

There are many companies which provide this service. They provide relevant leads and their contacts as per your business. This is one of the best ways to increase your email list and get new emails. This will not only increase your email list but will also give you new clients.
Want get a complete list of trusted b2b email list providers? I’ve sorted this part for you. 
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(4) Games/Quizzes on Your Website

Every day, marketers become more and more intelligent. Giving website visitors a game or quiz to take directly on your website is a popular technique to collect emails for your marketing list. Compared to popups, this one keeps the user’s attention longer. Additionally, it conveys to the user your want to assist them. The catch is that in order to receive their findings, users must enter their email address.

The sample from Neil Patel’s website is included below. The 3-minute quiz, which includes the time required to complete it, will reveal how much more traffic their website might receive with their assistance. As seen in the second image, the user must provide their name and email address after completing the quiz, agree to the terms and conditions, and then they will receive their results.

Examples of a quiz prompted from SEO Guru, Neil Patel’s website.


(5) The Signup Section on Your Website

We still find websites that are not utilizing this rather simple concept, though. People will probably want to stay informed if you provide excellent content or have a rapidly expanding business. As a result, give them the choice by including a link on your website that allows users to subscribe to your email list. Use the top navigation or the footer to add this to every page, as advised.

Here’s the example of the same. You can see the space for email on bottom left corner.

(6) Ask Users to Subscribe at the End of Content.

Once you’ve done something for someone else, they are much more likely to do the same for you. Therefore, the ideal time to encourage someone to join your email list is after they’ve read your full piece of content and you’ve contributed value. Additionally, you’ll be helping them out by making them interested in future articles and updates. To get their attention, you can use a catchier button than the uninteresting subscribe button, such as “keep up to date.”


(7) Downloadable content and eBooks

Even though it has been around for a while, this one is still really powerful. When you enter your email, websites frequently grant you access to whitepapers, case studies, or other secret content. To secure the material, they claim to email you a link or the actual file, but all they truly need is your email. Recently, marketers have stepped it up by offering free downloaded whole digital novels! Contact information is extremely valuable, and the use of gated content like this makes it common.


(8) Webinar Registration

Do not assume that the only chance for selling is during the webinar if you have previously held or are considering running one for your clients and/or prospects. To get the most out of your B2B email marketing campaigns, make sure to include your attendee list! So that you can discuss upcoming webinars, you can remain in touch with them or even connect with them on LinkedIn. They will become more familiar with your company as they attend more events.

(9) Purchase a Cold Email List

Purchasing a vendor’s cold email list is perhaps the simplest course of action. We won’t discuss email database vendors because there are plenty of them. Then, using this list to target particular roles against particular campaigns, you may, if done correctly, generate a steady stream of leads. Do your studies to identify reliable suppliers that won’t send you spam emails before you buy an email list.

(10) Tradeshows/Events

We advise you to make use of the time spent visiting or hosting tradeshows and events to expand your email list. You might set up a station at the performance or event where attendees could sign up for your email list, play a game to collect emails, collect as many business cards as they can, scan badges in exchange for a $1 donation to charity, or any number of other ideas. Even better, it’s typical for the event organizer to send out a list of all participants along with their email addresses following the concert or event.

(11) Option to Subscribe in Email Signature

Make as many contact points as you can! Email signatures from your organisation are one of the simplest yet most frequently disregarded connections. Include a sign-up link in your signatures so that people can quickly join your email list. Utilize this free advertising opportunity since you probably use email to communicate with potential customers, other companies, and more.

(12) Contest/Giveaways

There are many ways to use contests and giveaways for B2B businesses, despite the fact that they are typically regarded to be most effective for B2C businesses. One excellent example is Stripe. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a free T-shirt? They frequently give away t-shirts with the Stripe logo. Another illustration is Mailchimp, which offers free figurines of their too-cute mascot. These and other innovative methods can be readily used to collect email addresses during a giveaway or competition. Additionally, it’s free advertisement! Your business gains publicity each time a consumer wears the shirt or uploads a photo of their adorable money figurine to social media.

(13) Contact Forms

Don’t forget to include the contacts who have already contacted you through your website’s contact form in your B2B email marketing list! Despite being frequently disregarded, this can be a useful technique for recycling email addresses. Don’t miss the opportunity to quickly produce more emails.

(14) Using Newsletters

Sharing content is getting more and more common as businesses try to use connected client bases. Sharing newsletter signup slots is a new development, though. The idea is that business A will include a piece of content from business B in their newsletter along with a sign-up link for business B’s newsletter. This works best for companies that complement each other. This indicates that while they both target the same market, they are not in direct competition.

(15) Is an Existing Company Closing Its Doors? Purchase their B2B email list

A novel strategy that, when used properly, may be effective. It doesn’t happen very frequently to purchase an email marketing list from a rival or related company that is closing shop. You may either include this list into your own or leave it under the other brand and change the text so that it promotes your products. Take your time and carefully consider how you want to use this knowledge if you want to employ this method. Avoid jumping the gun too soon because it can create a lot of unsubscribes.

Wrap up

Although some claim that emails marketing is dead or fading, we believe the statistics speak for themselves. If your business is B2B, you must immediately begin developing an email marketing list and distributing valuable content. Building a quality list and using B2B email marketing are essential for success in 2022.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about us or how to create emails and other forms of contact information.


Laws governing email marketing vary from country to country. Before sending any electronic communications, please be sure the strategies you use adhere to the laws of the nation you are targeting.


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