Why Influencer Marketing is a Booming Market?

With the growing use of social media worldwide the industry of social media influencer has also emerged significantly.

According to Statista – Ad spending is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2028) of 11.06%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$52.05bn by 2028.

In this competitive digital era, influencer marketing should be one of the major strategies a brands must have to market their products. Here are few reasons why –

Trust: People trust influencers, so when they talk about a brand, it becomes more trustworthy.

More People Know: Working with influencers helps a brand reach new and different groups of people.

Real and Relatable: Influencers are real and speak like regular people, making their promotions feel genuine and relatable.

Targeted Advertising: Influencers have specific audiences, so brands can pick the right ones to reach their desired customers.

More Interaction: Influencers create interesting content that gets people talking and engaging with the brand.

Saves Money: Influencer marketing can be cheaper than traditional ads, especially when working with smaller influencers.

Better Online Visibility: Influencers can help improve a brand’s online search rankings and visibility.

Storytelling: Influencers are great at telling stories, and they can include the brand in their content creatively.

Quick and Flexible: Brands can work with influencers for timely campaigns and stay relevant.

Measurable Results: Brands can track the success of influencer campaigns and see if they were effective.

Thus, we can see that influencer marketing is booming and one must leverage from this.

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