Understanding the B2B Sales Funnel: A Simple Guide for Businesses


B2B sales funnel is a process that a potential client goes through before
buying a service. It has five stages:

  • Awareness
    – the client learns about your business and services.
  • Interest
    – the client wants to know more about your services.
  • Evaluation
    – the client checks if your services meet their needs by comparing them with
    your competitors or asking for references.
  • Decision
    – the client decides to buy your service by signing a contract or making a
  • Retention
    – after the purchase, you need to keep the client happy by providing excellent
    customer service and offering additional services.

the B2B sales funnel is not always a straight line, and potential clients may
leave at any stage. Your goal is to guide them through the funnel and turn them
into loyal customers.

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