13 benefits of email marketing!

You as a marketer may have overheard people talking
about the end of email marketing.  It has long been a source of worry
for numerous marketing departments.

I’m here to assure you that email marketing is still
effective, so there’s no need to fear.

In fact, 73% of millennial prefer emails over other forms of
communication from firms, and 40% of B2B marketers see email newsletters as the
most important factor in their content marketing success.

Additionally, 99% of consumers check their email every day,
making it the clear favorite method for receiving brand information.

We cannot overlook these data as marketers. Therefore,
creating a solid email marketing plan is important.

What are
the benefits of email marketing?

Thousands of companies of all sizes use email marketing
worldwide. Those who are inexperienced with this type of marketing may not
immediately comprehend why it is so popular among businesses in a range of

Here are 13 reasons why email marketing is considered as
the most effective marketing channel –

1. Low cost

Email marketing efforts are typically more cost-effective
than more conventional campaigns like direct mail or print.

You won’t be required to pay for any photo shoots, location
costs, printing, shipping, or placement, for instance. Only a copywriter and graphic
designer are required (assuming you aren’t utilising stock photos). Even one
member of your team could do this.

Email campaigns can be created quickly as well. You can
create an email in a day if necessary, which is much more economically
efficient than the time it takes to create a direct mail or print campaign.

Since marketers are constantly constrained by time and
financial resources, email marketing efforts can be more effective while also
producing leads and income.

2. Easy to get

In order to be effective, email marketing doesn’t necessary
need a sizable team or lots of technological know-how. You can definitely dress
up an email campaign with fancy templates, videos, graphics, and logos.
However, some of the most effective campaigns use straightforward plain text
emails, indicating that the most crucial factor in an email is its content.

Many email marketing platforms provide drag-and-drop
editors that let you quickly and easily construct eye-catching campaigns.

3. Instant

Businesses frequently have to wait weeks before sales as a
consequence of print or broadcast ads start to come in, and even then, how can
they be certain what motivated the purchase? On the other hand, a business can
start seeing results from its emails within minutes of sending them thanks to
email’s immediate nature. An excellent marketing strategy that can be used by
email is a 24-hour sale since it creates a sense of urgency and persuades
subscribers to act right away.

4. Easy to

Another important benefit of email marketing is
that it is easy to identify your mistakes. You can easily identify how a
campaign might be improved by tracking open, click-through, and conversion
rates using the majority of email marketing tools. In comparison to print or
broadcast advertising, these modifications can be made very swiftly, while the
latter requires some work to adjust.

5. Generating
traffic to your website

How do you get outstanding content to your audience once
you’ve created it? You probably send them an email.

You may increase your SEO and drive visitors to your website
with email marketing campaigns. Additionally, you’ll retain visitors interested
in your website and business.

Each email you create with a link to your content should have
a call to action (CTA) so that readers can click through to your website.

6. Gathering survey
and feedback data

If you want customers to interact, engage, and buy from your
business in the future, keeping an eye on their experience is crucial.

You can achieve this by using email marketing. For instance,
you can use email campaigns to distribute customer satisfaction surveys and get
feedback from your customers.

In actuality, this is among the best methods for determining
your Net Promoter Score (NPS). You can use this score to determine the
proportion of customers who support the brand and those who don’t. You can
develop methods to enhance your customer experience using the information

7. Boosting

Email marketing can actually increase your revenue in
addition to being a great marketing tool.

In fact, 59% of marketers cite email as their top source of
ROI, and those who used segmented marketing report revenue increases of up to

Email marketing campaigns can promote goods or services,
persuade customers to make a purchase after leaving items in their shopping
cart, or send customers exclusive deals.

Additionally, according to 59% of poll participants,
marketing emails have an impact on their purchasing decisions.

Your email marketing campaigns can simply include messages
that persuade customers to buy from you as they have opted-in to receive your
messages and updates.

Additionally, automating a portion of your sales process with
email marketing can help you make more sales.

You may automate sales drip campaigns and send messages to
prospects that your salespeople want to follow up with using a variety of free
and commercial email marketing tools.

8. Increasing

Along the same lines as boosting sales, email marketing can
also help you generate more leads. In reality, the inbound approach makes use
of email marketing to nurture leads and boost conversions.

Let’s imagine, for instance, that you downloaded a lead
magnet from a website. You start receiving drip emails after that, and
eventually you decide to schedule a demo to understand more. You recently
converted from a MQL to a SQL, increasing the quantity of qualifying leads
provided to the sales team by the marketing team.

To prevent your sales staff from wasting time on unqualified
prospects, email marketing campaigns can further qualify leads. Additionally,
if your business uses lead scoring, you can monitor which leads read your
emails and engage with them by clicking the links in them.

9. Providing
more value to your audience

Adding value for your audience is one of the key objectives
of any business in order to keep them coming back.

Because you can provide value even when clients aren’t making
purchases, email marketing is a terrific way to develop devoted customers.

You may also utilise email marketing to offer extra resources
to contacts who are interested in what you have to say since customers or
prospects opted-in.

More people will pay attention if you consistently give your
audience value, and your ROI will increase.

10. Creating
personalized content

You may produce customised content and tailor your efforts
with email marketing.

As simple as inserting a contact’s name in the email
qualifies as personalization. In actuality, emails with the recipient’s first
name in the subject line receive more clicks than ones without it.

In contrast, you may also develop customised content based on
audience segmentation to send the appropriate emails to the appropriate
clients. For instance, you might want to send one email marketing campaign to
clients who buy from you frequently and another to new customers.

11. Communicating
with your audience

It’s important for marketers to always work to enhance
audience communication. They are more inclined to stick with your brand if they
feel comfortable approaching you.

Just consider how much people value quality emails. Consider
your most recent marketing email from a company you adore. Was it disruptive,
or did you appreciate reading the most recent headlines? If the brand is one
you like, you probably loved the experience and it helped you stay in contact
with it.

You can simply communicate with brand ambassadors and reach a
larger portion of your audience using email marketing. Additionally, these
emails maintain audience engagement throughout the entire year, whether it’s a
slow or busy season.

13. Sending
timely campaigns

Traditional marketing efforts have a time and place, but
planning and organising them can take months. Even then, it’s doubtful that
your campaign materials will be seen by the proper audience at the appropriate

However, since email marketing campaigns don’t require as
much planning, you can start one entirely on short notice. Furthermore, you can
guarantee that your audience receives the email at the appropriate moment.

By segmenting your audience, for instance, you can be sure to
distribute material at the appropriate moment.

13. Reaching
the right people at the right time

You need to be in front of the appropriate customers at the
right moment if you want your marketing effort to be effective. Yes, I’m making
this point again because it’s so crucial.

People are considerably easier to contact with email
marketing because they often check their inboxes. Any marketing effort can
succeed if people can access it at any time and on a variety of devices.

This implies that you frequently interact with your audience,
keeping your name in their minds.

Wrapping Up

“Email marketing is not effective anymore” is a false
statement. In fact, research completely contradicts the statement as we have
learned in this article. Not only has this but email marketing had tones of
other benefits. So basically we got to know about some of the importance of
email marketing, and also what are the benefits of email marketing.

Hey, what’s your take on Email marketing; let us know in the
comment section below!☺

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